Frequently Asked Questions

What are the success rates of acupuncture according to researchers?

You can find statistics and success rates of IVF acupuncture in this article (source The Guardian).


How long does it take?

According to acupuncture research 25-30min. treatment both before and after transfer is needed to increases the chances for a successful pregnancy.


How does it work in general?

The focus of these acupuncture treatments is to increse uterine blood flow, relax the uterus and decreases uterine contractions, reduce stress/anxiety and to give embryos an optimal enviroment rich in blood supply necessary for successful implantation.


Will it hurt? 

No, not at all. The acupuncture needles are as thin as a human hair.


How will I feel?

You will feel deeply relaxed and calm. This feeling should stay with you all day and it also helps you to enjoy this very special, but demanding day.


Should I visit acupuncturist before planing IVF cycle?

I always recommend to visit an acupuncturist at minimum 12 weeks prior to your IVF cycle as this is the full length of an egg development cycle. If you have a history of a previously failed IFV cycle(s), depending on your specific history I often recomend an even longer preparation period to help balance and restore optimal fertility function.


Should I visit acupuncturist after my IVF cycle?

I recommend doing weekly acupuncture sessions, taking Chinese suplements and following an specific nutrition plan. All these steps can be crucial for succesfull pregnancy.


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