Why Acupuncture?

In today’s hectic and stressful times the chances to naturally conceive and carry a child are getting smaller. Hectic lifestyles, environmental pollution, increasing parental age and last but not least, long-term oral contraceptive use dramatically reduces the chance of pregnancy.


How to prepare for Embryo Transfer?

It is highly recommended that patients start with acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment approximately three to six months prior to conception to successfully tune bodily functions and to achieve harmonisation of the psyche. The whole process should ideally start with a diagnosis according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. This way we can individually determine a more focused treatment strategy, which is always supplemented with lifestyle changes, dietary advice and simple exercises to support the weakened meridians. Therefore we require the active participation of patients in therapy – otherwise you can not achieve optimal results. Also it a significant advantage if treating both partners simultaneously which increases the chances of success further.


How does it works in general?

One of the methods that substantially improves fertility without the risk of side effects is undoubtedly acupuncture. It can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant by up to 60% – both naturally and in the case of assisted reproduction.

The main tasks of acupuncture therapy is to eliminate causes of infertility, harmonization of the menstrual cycle, balanced hormones, improvement of ovarian function, reduction of side effects of chemical products (if patient uses any), boosting the immune system, stress reduction and for men improving sperm quality.


Why can be Chinese medicine so helpful during the pregnancy?

If the Embryo Transfer is successful, Chinese medicine can act preventively against abortion and throughout pregnancy to harmonize the energy of mothers and fetuses, so everything continues smoothly and without complications all the way until birth. Traditional Chinese medicine is therefore an excellent way to naturally and gently support the ability to become pregnant and subsequently to support proper development of the baby. Acupuncture is a completely safe method, virtually painless, with no adverse effects but with great results.